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    "Wade Sorochan book's is definitely a must read for parents, educators or anyone concerned about the dangers of social media.It's an easy read but very well researched book. The author points out how our social media addiction can affect our mental health. The social media is far from social as clearly pointed out in this groundbreaking book. Mr. Sorochan provides many tips on how to manage our use of social media, cellphones and other devices of this digital age. This book is highly recommended and absolutely worth buying."
    "Wade Sorochan touches upon a burgeoning Mental Health issue, one that is the result of, and compounded by Social Media. A must read for our youth, parents and educators.""Unsocial Media brings awareness to our social media habits and how they can affect our mental health. The effect of social media on our mental health is a fairly new area of study and this book brings together the most recent information available. Wade also shares a lot of his own journey and struggles with mental health. I highly recommend reading this book if you have ever wondered how social media might be affecting your life."
  • 2016 Edmonton Journal Best Sellers List
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Social media has blurred the line between the real world and virtual world. Nowadays it seems that many people enjoy living in the virtual world more than the real world. It’s rare to see someone looking up and experiencing the real world, they seem more interested in looking down at their phones to see what the virtual world has to offer. So what is the virtual world offering? I believe a better question to ask is what is the virtual world causing?

Studies now show that social media can actually make you feel sad, anxious, depressed and experience feelings of resentment and envy. It can become an anxiety induced fixation for “Likes” and “Comments.” Studies now confirm that addiction to a smartphone is equivalent to an addiction to a drug like heroin.  UNSOCIAL MEDIA; Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety provides the latest information on how social media is causing mental and physical health issues, from “Phubbing” to “Text Neck” and more. In the book readers will learn important facts about mental illness, experience a mental illness survivor’s story and how social media anxiety could become the next recognized mental health disorder.        

In this book you’ll learn:

  • Important facts about mental illness
  • How social media can impact mental and physical health
  • Symptoms of "Social Media Anxiety Disorder"
  • The latest social media trends raising concerns
  • Tips to break smartphone, social media and video game addiction
  • How smartphones can impair memory
  • How screen time affects sleep
  • Ways for teens and parents to help prevent cyberbullying
  • Online safety tips
    And more!

With this information, you will become aware of the negative effects of social media, and control the attraction before it turns into an addiction, which could cause serious mental health issues.

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