Fastest Tone Arm in the West; Chasing a Radio Dream
New Book Contains Entertaining Career Stories And Rare Photos From A Career That
Has Spanned Four Decades Along With A Compelling Story Of A Difficult Rise To Fame

Released June 2017

Wade Sorochan is an accomplished broadcaster known for his pioneering impact in talk radio in a career that has spanned four decades. Highlights include being on “Canada’s most unique radio talk show” the Bill and Bill Show, working with some of the biggest names in broadcasting and interviewing some of the most famous celebrities in the world.

Wade spent the majority of his tough childhood alone in his bedroom to escape from his abusive mother, and would pretend to be on the radio with his makeshift studio. He would not only spend time playing radio, but also dreaming about one day actually being on the radio.

Fastest Tone Arm in the West takes readers behind the scenes of a successful radio career along with
an inspiring story of a difficult life journey that included child abuse, hopelessness, mental illness,
...and many miracles.



NEW Ground-Breaking Book

UNSOCIAL MEDIA; Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety

A Revealing Look at How Social Media Can Affect Your Mental Health

Released Sept. 2016, Updated Edition, Jan. 2018

  • 2016 Edmonton Journal Best Sellers List
  • Media Coverage: Toronto Star, Edmonton Journal, Edmonton Sun, Brandon SUN, CTV Edmonton, CBC Radio Edmonton, 630 CHED Edmonton, News Talk 770 Calgary, CJOB Winnipeg 

Studies now show that social media can actually make you feel sad, anxious and depressed. It can become an anxiety induced fixation for “Likes,” "Followers" and “Comments.” Research now confirms that addiction to smartphones, social media, and technology in general is equivalent to an addiction to a drug like heroin. UNSOCIAL MEDIA; Virtual World Causing Real World Anxiety  provides the latest information on how social media is causing mental and physical health issues with new terms like “Phubbing,” “Sharenting,” “Text Neck,” “Digital Kidnapping” and more. Readers will become aware of the negative effects of social media, and how to control the attraction before it turns into an addiction, which could cause serious mental health issues.