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The Tone Arm at work

Old CJCA Control Room


audiolinkimageWade Sorochan Air Check

Talk Show Pioneer

First Broadcaster In History To Spontaneously Use
Song Clips To Enhance a Radio Talk Show


Talk Show Host/Associate Producer, 2011-2014
630 CHED Radio, Edmonton
Host of Edmonton This Week, 7:30-8:00am/6:00-6:30pm, Saturdays
An interview program highlighting City programs and initiatives.

Talk Show Host/Executive Producer, 2011-2012
SHAW Television, Edmonton, AB
Host of Edmonton Live with Wade Sorochan TV Specials.
Edmonton's Only Live Open Line Television Talk Show.
- Created the new interactive format focusing on local issues.
- Engaged viewers on a wide variety of topics.
- Interacted with multiple guests and callers.
- Guests included politicians and topic experts.

Talk Show Host/Executive Producer, 2007-2010
CJCA Radio, Edmonton, AB
Host of LIFE TALK with Wade Sorochan, 3:00-5:30pm, Mon.-Fri.
Edmonton's Most Interactive Radio Talk Show.
- Created the format including imaging, promotions and marketing.
- Engaged listeners on a wide variety of topics.
- Interacted with callers from across Alberta. (averaged 150 calls per week)
- Interviewed politicians, celebrities, and interesting everyday people.
- Created the Life Talk Speed Limit Club (EPS endorsed).

Radio Announcer/Executive Producer, 2002-2007
World FM, Edmonton, AB
Host of The Wade Sorochan Show, 6:00-8:30am, Mon.-Fri.
Co-Host of The Wade and Terry Show, 6:00-8:30am, Mon-Fri.
- Programmed music, news, promotions, and imaging.
- Created the "Wake up with Wade" imaging and promotion.
- Organized and hosted the Talent Showcase singing competition.
- Organized and hosted the "Friends Bus" listener trips.

Radio Announcer, 2001-2002
CJCA Radio, Edmonton, AB
Host of The Wade Sorochan Show, 3:00-6:30pm, Mon.-Fri.
- Music driven show with a daily countdown feature.
- Hosted on-location broadcasts.

Owner 1995-1996
Wade Sorochan Productions
Offered freelance broadcasting and public and media relations.
- Produced the pilot radio program Where Are They Now for syndication.
- Prepared and presented sponsorship proposals to major corporations.

Talk Show Producer/Announcer/ "The Tone Arm", 1981-1991
CJCA Radio, Edmonton, AB
Produced the #1 rated talk show in Alberta, The 11-2 Show.
- Developed into a significant on-air role with hosts Bill and Bill.
- Became the first person in the radio industry in North America
to use music to enhance a radio talk show.
- Served as "back up host" for other music and talk show shifts.
- Provided daily air traffic reports during afternoon drive show.
- Hosted on-location broadcasts.
- Organized and hosted special promotions and listener trips.
- Awarded a gold record for creating an exclusive record endorsement campaign.


Television Guest Co-host, 1981
CTV Television Network, Winnipeg
Guest Co-host of The Western Express,
A half hour weekly television program broadcast in Western Canada
which consisted of lottery ticket drawings.
- The format included Don Whitman co-hosting with media personalities
from Western Canada with on-air banter in-between ticket drawings.

Radio Announcer, 1980
CJOI Radio, Wetaskiwan, AB
Host of The Wade Sorochan Show, 10:00am-5:30pm, Mon.-Fri.
- Music driven show with daily agriculture features.
- Hosted on-location broadcasts.

“I’m a big supporter of local programming like Wade Sorochan’s live talk show. One of the best things about Wade’s show on SHAW TV was that it provided a platform for discussion on important issues allowing viewers to express their opinions directly to the decision makers. I’ve been a guest on Wade’s TV show and found him a well-prepared, fair and engaging host. He’s a fair moderator who allows all sides of an issue to be discussed. I think Wade’s got a winner of a concept.” Kerry Diotte, City Councilor

“I have been interviewed by a large number of radio and TV hosts over the years, and I have found Wade’s interview style to be one of my favorites. Other hosts were sometimes abusive, curt, and abrasive. Never so with Wade!” Ken Epp, Retired Member of Parliament

“Although I have never had the opportunity to meet Wade Sorochan, I have benefitted by his tremendous contribution as a broadcast communicator. In the City of Edmonton, Wade did a tremendous job promoting one of our Christmas albums entitled A Tribute to Christmas. We were so pleased with the job Wade did promoting this project, that when the album received Gold status in Canada, which incidentally is the first Canadian Christian Album that has ever received Gold status in Canada, I presented him with a Gold record.” Gerry Scott, President, Image 7 Records

“We booked our first Live on location with the radio station in 2001 when one of our regular stations didn’t have a date we wanted. The first live show with Wade Sorochan was a great success and he was the best announcer we have ever had.” Ed Zajac, District Manager, Mattress Mattress

“Wade Sorochan has made a major contribution to the success of World FM. His work ethic was exceptional. Some of Wade’s other strengths include: attention to detail, works well with co-workers, strives for excellence in everything he puts his name on and has a consistently friendly, positive attitude.” Tom Bedore, General Manager, World FM

“Another very good interview with Wade Sorochan. I wish there were more programs like that.” Dr. Harold Katz, Celebrity Dentist (Regular guest on The View and Oprah).

“Again, thank you Wade for making the interview so effortless. Your guidance was very relaxing and appreciated.” Gary Woloshyniuk,The City of Edmonton Office of Environment

“I just wanted to say thank you again Wade for having me on your show. I feel that you presented a fair show showing all sides equally. Because of your willingness to help bring awareness to this issue on both sides, I will for certain keep you in the loop on our progress.” Liane, Motorcycle Noise Bylaw Petition Organizer


“Wade is a warm and friendly voice to wake up to in the morning”

“Wade talks to me not at me”

Hi Wade, My girlfriend and I have been listening to your show for awhile now and I just wanted to pass along a small note of encouragement. Your calm demeanour and the respectful manner in which you treat everybody that calls in to your show are wonderful. My girlfriend and I often talk about the topics on your show and sometimes we’ll call each other from work while you’re on to talk about a segment or to remind each other to tune in. Anyway, we’re both big fans. Keep up the good work; you’re a pleasure to listen to. Delona

Hi Wade, Just want to let you know how much I enjoy listening to your talk show. Sure helps an otherwise boring commute home. I also really appreciate your sense of humour-it often makes me laugh out loud. So thanks for the stress relief too. Claudette

Hi Wade, I love your show and listen very often. I enjoy the diversity of topics which range from current news events to information about living everyday life, and also the interesting guests you bring on the show, not to mention the corny jokes, which I sometimes enjoy. Thanks for consistently addressing timely news topics, inviting experts to more fully explain their position so that the listening audience can better understand it, while always treating them with respect and expressing appreciation for their willingness to be a guest. I also used to enjoy the Bill and Bill Show which you were on. Somehow you combine all the good elements of that show and add your own personal touch to make the show unique. And it’s neat that at any time anyone can phone in with whatever’s on their mind, often sparking a stimulating and often compelling discussion to listen to and even join in on. I must say I’ve learned a lot of valuable information from listening to your show, which I often mention in conversations. Paula


Edmonton Sun-What Happened to local talk shows? Another nail in the coffin of local broadcast talk shows. AM930 The Light has pulled Wade Sorochan’s daily Life Talk show off the air, replaced by a syndicated show with no local content. Graham Hicks, Edmonton Sun

That’s too bad about Wade. His was the last locally produced talk show worth listening to. He mustn’t have seen it coming; he had all the candidates for mayor lined up as guests this week. dogfish35 – Sept. 24, 2010z

“Do you know what really happened to Wade Sorochan of AM 930 the light? I’ve called the radio station but have no answers for me. That was such a good talk show. Addy, Sept. 28th 2010

Calls to the Radio Station Am930 The Light received close to 600 calls and emails within two weeks complaining that LIFE TALK with Wade Sorochan was taken off the air.